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Homebound is a VR Experience I developed at Quixel. It's a space survival experience taking you all the way from deep space back to earth.

Quixel SUITE 2.1.4 - SpaceX Inspired Environment

This environment was textured 100% using Quixel SUITE 2.1.4. It's rendered in Unreal Engine 4 and took me about 3 weeks to complete.

Bombus AG-Fighter

Rework of an older asset I had lying around. Detailed the highpoly, took it through NDO for further detailing and then I textured it with Quixel SUITE 2.0. Spent about 4 hours texturing it and the asset is about 6 million triangles. Extraordinarily good performance considering the polycount and 2 texture sets of 8k!

Wipeout Feisar Agility

Done with the Feisar! Yeah, I really like Feisar and Wipeout. It was insanely fun to work with and NDO Painter and DDO Painter worked really well even on a heavy asset like this (Over 5 million tris and 3x8k materials). Real-time screenshots, textured entirely with the SUITE 2.0. I'll be making a tutorial on how I textured it with the SUITE 2.0 and the asset will receive a "special treatment" soon. More to come! (Wipeout is a trademark owned by SCE Studio Liverpool and Sony Computer Entertainment, this is simply fan-art)

Soviet Mech - Quixel SUITE 2.0

Textured completely with Quixel SUITE 2.0. Added weld seams, bolts and so on with NDO Painter and then I took it further with DDO Painter. It took me just a few hour from start to finish. Original Concept Art by Michal Kus.

Quixel Megascans - Jungle

This scene was created 100% using Quixel's Megascans material and it's rendered in Unreal Engine 4. It's been a real blast working with scanned materials.

Quixel Suite - Deus Ex Environment

My first environment created in Unreal Engine 4. It was a real blast and I learned quite a lot making this, especially about UE4. Everything in the scene is textured using Quixel Suite.

Quixel Reveal Video

The reveal video for Quixel Suite consisting of NDO, DDO, 3DO and Megascans.

The projects I've worked on are the Middle Eastern Town, the Apartment, the Desert Sci-Fi Environment and the Aztec Texture Tile.

Megascans Environment

This environment was textured entirely by using Quixel's tools.

The scene is rendered in CRYENGINE.

Wrecked Apartment

This scene is based on a concept by Viktor Jonsson.

For this scene I wanted to apply the use of Quixel's tools NDO and DDO in a way I haven't done before. I've used them together in conjunction in a way I usually not do, and it saved me a LOT of time. All in all, this took me about 3 weeks to finish.

In short - the process was high poly to lowpoly bake, detail/feature pass with NDO as well as a material definition pass with photosourced normals added. After that I took the maps into DDO and did the texturing there. Almost all the props are exclusively textured with DDO.

The scene is rendered in CRYENGINE.

Click here for a breakdown of the scene. (PDF)

Automated Turret

This is a prop I made for a short film called Memorize Written & Directed by Eric Ramberg and Jimmy Eriksson that I revisited in order to make it a game-ready asset.

The AK

Taken references from a bunch of different models and makes, using the parts that I liked the most. So it's not a perfect match, but I think it captures the general design and look pretty well.

I built a really, really simple highpoly, mainly just shapes, which I then baked out using xNormal. I made all detail work in nDo2 and then generated an AO which I combined with the baked one. Next I brought the maps into dDo where I generated all the textures 100%, except the base wood which was grabbed from the nDo2 project.

Remington Chainsaw

The goal of this project was to make a texture 100% with dDo while utilizing all its features such as custom details, object space regulated details, advanced custom tweaking and so on.

Cryochamber Environment

This is a scene I textured using only dDo. It was modeled in Maya and presented in UDK.

Scorpio Warship

I created the highpoly based on a concept by Chee Ming Wong a while back for an article for 3D Artist Magazine. I then found it again a few weeks back and thought I'd make a lowpoly for it and texture it.

Feisar Hovercraft

After playing a lot of Wipeout HD I got really inspired to create the Feisar hovercraft from that game. The approach was very straight-forward. I created a highpoly, a lowpoly, baked and textured it. It was presented in Marmoset Toolbag.

The Dunes

I really wanted to try and make a quick environment good as good as possible with as few resources as possible. At first I only used a 256x256 texture, but then I really felt I needed to add some unique features to the environment, so I added a planet, footprints and some normal map detail to the dunes. It still ended up smaller than a 512x512, so I'm very happy with that considering it's a large environment.

Dayward Inc.

I wanted to try and create a One-Texture Environment, and really try and optimize everything. It was a very educational project, and I learned a lot about the Unreal Engine. It got me thinking about how I could have optimized previous projects and what I want to do with future projects.

Deus Ex Environment

I created this scene in order to practise making normals in photoshop using nDo. I also wanted to do as much as possible with the textures instead of models. It ended up with me taking the scene into CryEngine 3, which was released as an SDK only days before, so all in all this was a very educational project for me.

Solaris Environment

This scene was mainly created to promote nDo2, which had just been released. It was my first attempt at creating a very clean environment, and it used 2 texture sheets, one for each tile. I learned a lot making this scene, especially about CryEngine 3.

Medieval Town

I wanted to broaden my portfolio as well as try to challenge myself by leaving my comfort zone which is mainly sci-fi. This was also the first time I used 3Ds Max for a personal project.

Heckler & Koch UMP45

This was a very standard high-to-low project. I learned a lot about material definition during this project.
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